Whichever support plan is chosen it is important to keep in mind that our support is limited to our themes. Support does not include personalization services or modifications that require editing template code of the Theme.

Available To All Active Customers
Advanced Customer Support & Support for free theme version users

Please note: the purchase is valid for one year and only for one of our themes.

* CSS changes only

Demo Setup
Your new site will look exactly like the demo site

It requires: you should have a domain & self-hosting account with WordPress installed.

You can’t install the theme?

If you purchased a theme from us, you can expect to install it for free. Just send a request.

Please note that a theme installation does not mean setup demo content as like on a demo site. The theme install includes theme packed file upload and theme activate on your website via dashboard. Additionally, but not necessarily, it can includes setup a sample menu, Homepage, and created few sample pages.

Do you need to set up a theme like on a demo site?

If you want your site look like a demo site of the theme, then you need to purchase the Demo Setup service (see above) or the Setup Plus service from us.

What do different support plans mean?

Standard Support

Standard support is offered with all premium themes, and available to all active customers. It includes theme installation, answering the setup questions, questions about the use of theme and bug fixing.

Priority Support

On top of the Standard plan, Priority Support includes answers to the more advanced usage, general questions about WordPress functionality, hacks and tricks tips, faster responses (less than 24 hours of waiting), and theme and demo data installation. And it great option for free product users.

Free Support

You are always welcome to ask questions at the WordPress.org theme support forum, even if you haven’t purchased anything from DinevThemes. But in that case keep in mind, that the answer from us is not guaranteed.

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