sortable frontpage sections
Sortable Front Page sections

Frontpage can contains 6+ sections which can be sorted and hidden.

gallery section
Gallery section of Image posts

Gallery section on the Front Page includes your image format posts, and can have a filter menu by category of posts.

Blog options

Several settings are available to customize posts and selecting the number of columns to show a grid of posts in the masonry style.

portfolio in masonry style
Portfolio page

By free portfolio plugin, you can create a filterable portfolio posts page of your works in a masonry style grid.

gallery section
Custom Widgets

Theme comes with custom widgets: testimonial, video, block of text with icon, callout, and others.

Free vs Plus version comparison table
FeatureTeletypeTeletype Plus
Sortable Front Page sections48
Number of columns options+
Preview entries options+
Portfolio Ready+
More Header Options+
Custom Widget15+
Front area widgets layout15
Demo Content .xml+
Starter Child Theme+
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