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Features Overview

Multiple site header layouts
Theme features 3 prepared styles, and there are optional to add a menu of social profiles icons, and text with allowed HTML tags.

Blog Post Layouts
Layout variations are available for Posts Page: can be set a single column, a masonry grid with 2-3 columns, left/right sidebar, and an additional, there are options to single show a post.

Post Options
You can set to show/hide a meta-info of Post (post author, post date, etc.), select a location for the display of meta-info, post title, and post thumbnail.

There are options for the display a single post or page
Using the Customizer you can select a mode of the display for Featured Image (post thumbnail): apart or overlay.

Sortable Front Page sections
Frontpage (a static page must be assigned as Homepage) can have 4 sections: the main content of the page, a section of recent blog posts, a Featured post, latest posts from the portfolio. Using the Customizer, you can sort these sections and show or hide theirs.

Content layout options are available for FrontPage.

Much more features

Block Editor Compatibility
This theme is fully compatible with the new WordPress block editor.

Supported Formats
Image Post, Aside Post, Audio Post, Video Post, Quote and Standard. Using the Aside format you can create adv-banners among the grid of your posts.

Sidebar left/Right
You can be show sidebar on a Posts Page, on a Single Post or Page.
Also, available Sidebar location options: on the right/left or not show. There is another customizable area for widgets at the bottom of the page.

Customizable single post/page layouts
There are additional options for pages and single posts. For example, for a page, you can hide the page title (for only the default template). For standard posts there is an option of the location of the Featured Image: it can be shown above Post Title or below it, in full height or cropped, or hide off.

Featured Image
There is a display option for a title of single post and page: you can make a title over on image or show the featured image apart or hide it for the selected posts.

Site Logo options
It can be set the display size of the site logo image, as well as the indentation around the logo image.

Footer Menus
In the footer of the site, it can show a social menu as icons or text menu for the footer.

Free vs Premium version comparison table
Main Menu bar variations3
Frontpage content layout+
Page/Post Customizer additional options+
Posts Page advanced+
Post Formatsimageimage, video, aside, audio, quote, link
Page Title Hide option+
Single Post/Page options+
Social links menu on the top/bottom+
Footer custom text+
Footer custom menu+
Disable theme credits+
Bottom Widget Area+
Author block+
Portfolio Additional Options+
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