WordPress Theme Customization Service Providers Compared

WordPress is a widely used platform to build dynamic and fully functional websites today. Almost 24.7% of websites, approximately 72.4 million sites, are powered by WordPress today which clearly indicates the ever-growing popularity of this content management system. WordPress has made the process of developing websites extremely easy and convenient even for non-technical webmasters, thanks to thousands of ready-made themes and plugins and its huge community of developers and contributors.

Though WordPress offers hundreds of thousands of themes, there are times when you may need to tweak your theme to meet your website’s specific needs and requirements. However, if you are new to WP, the thought of customizing your theme may give you chills especially if you are not familiar with any of the scripting languages like HTML, PHP, and CSS.

However, there are certain that you can take care of when customizing a theme to avoid any mishap with the original functionality and appearance of the theme.

One of the most recommended things is to avoid making any modification in the original theme directly. Making changes to the core files of the themes can lead to website failure since there is no way to get the original code back without having to integrate the whole theme again.

Creating a child theme for your WordPress theme customization


Customizing a WordPress theme through child theme and making changes in the offline files is the most secure way to tweak the website’s look and feel. This method ensures that if you accidently happen to do anything wrong with the files while customizing, you can quickly get the original files from the theme’s folder and re-upload theme to override any changes you’ve made.

A child theme basically inherits the appearance, functionality, and style of the parent theme. Child themes enable you to change the existing functionality, add new functionality or modify the entire look and feel of the website. Child themes are usually beneficially when a new update of your theme is available. While making changes to the core files of the theme can be easily vanished with any new theme update and you will eventually have to invest the same amount of time and efforts in recreating all the modifications. When updating a theme, child themes are never updated and remain same always, making them the best way to tweak your theme.

Creating a child theme may seem like a daunting task, but it’s actually pretty simple. All you need to do is create a folder with your theme name suffixing with “Child”.

For example: TwentyThirteen-child

Easy, right?

Well, once you have created the folder, you can start adding files in which you need to make changes. As an instance, if you want to change the background color, you have to change the CSS properties in “style.css” file.

Create a new file “style.css” and add the following code.

Theme Name: My Child Theme
Theme URI:
Description: This is a custom child theme I have created.
Author: My Name
Author URI:
Template: parenttheme
Version: 0.1
@import url("../twentythirteen/style.css");

In the Theme Name, write the same name as that of your folder name and let the Theme URI, Description, Author, and Author URI be same as that of your original file URI (This can be easily found in the original style.css file).

Template should be the name of your parent theme written in lowercase.

Now, you are all set to make relevant changes in your child theme.

Advanced theme customization solution

Well, editing a style.css file is quite an easy job. With thousands of online tutorials, you can certainly make the required changes in a matter of few minutes.

However, what about the advanced customization? What if you want to apply the same blog page template to other pages? Or perhaps add a new functionality on the homepage which cannot be customized through style.css file?

Editing other files such as functions.php, header.php, footer.php or so can prove risky if you don’t know what you are doing exactly. Searching for a solution on the Google is not always the best solution, and this is where WordPress theme customization service providers come into play.

The popularity of WordPress has given birth to many companies providing WordPress related services ranging from WordPress web development to WordPress conversion services. There are a variety of companies available and thus, the most difficult job is to find the right one for your needs.

We have compiled a list of some WordPress companies and compared them on the basis of certain important factors.

1. Wordsuccor Ltd.


Wordsuccor is one of the fastest growing and rapidly progressing WordPress customization companies. The company has been in business for past 5 years and has managed to provide 98% of client satisfaction. Serving clients from over 20 different countries, Wordsuccor has completed more than 10,000 WordPress related projects. According to Wordsuccor, they love what they do and are obsessed with WordPress web development. The company focuses on creating innovative designs with WordPress as the main platform. They have more than 45 highly experienced and skillful WordPress developers and the team of these professionals cater to a wide genre of site development projects like blogs, magazine site, corporate, e-commerce store and so much more. The company offers various packages starting at $99 only.

Services offered: PSD to WordPress conversion, Custom WordPress development, WordPress theme customization and WordPress plugin development.

2. Stellen Infotech


Stellen Infotech is a well-recognized and a leading company offering best web development solutions. Being in business for past 6 years, Stellen Infotech has assisted many different clients from around the world. The company aims at offering the best web solution to its clients without while helping them improve their online presence and conversion rates.

Services offered: Search engine optimization, PSD to WordPress conversion, custom web development, mobile application development, web designing and web development.

3. PSD to WordPress Expert


PSDtoWordPressExpert is the leading web development company, founded to provide world-class and quality PSD to WordPress conversion services at highly competitive rates. Backed by highly experienced, skilled and talented web developers, The company specializes in providing the highest standard of quality with on-time delivery of websites.

Services offered: Responsive WordPress website, WordPress plugin development, WordPress theme, WordPress migration, PSD to WordPress conversion and custom WordPress development.

4. CSS Chopper


CSS Chopper has emerged to be the leading WordPress web development company. Having a variety of successful projects and awards under its belts, CSS Chopper has earned the trust and faith of many web users. The company aims at offering utmost customer satisfaction with its highly quality and world-class WordPress related services.

Services offered: PSD to WordPress customization, theming and integration, design and Markup, and e-commerce web development.

5. WordPressIntegration


Being a leading name in WordPress web development, WordPressIntegration offers you with the top-class and highest standards of WordPress projects at competitive rates. The company believes in offering only the finest solutions to its clients but without reinventing the wheel. WordPressIntegration ensures 100% customer satisfaction, SEO friendly designs, responsive structures and cross-browser compatible sites.

Services Offered: WordPress theme development, WordPress theme customization, PSD to WordPress conversion, responsive WordPress websites, cross-browser compatible and W3C compliant WordPress websites

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