For any creative professional, a website is imperative to success. A nice website allows you have your independent online platform on which you can showcase your work, share your expertise, tell about your services, to collecting addresses of your fans, and much more.

Nothing is more important than having a beautiful and clean portfolio website when your creative work is your life’s work.

online portfolio

Picky clients want to be immersed in your creative work. Effectively showcasing your talents is essential. Moreover, you need to go far beyond trivial photo album. If you can’t afford a big office or being tied down, then why not use your website?

Portfolio website template is very useful for any artist & designer to showcase their creative work in front of a client, plus you can save a lot of time with the help of this template.

portfolio grid

While there are many other ways you can build your portfolio website, I sure WordPress is the best way to go, that giving freedom and space for co-creation.

Meet Imagery Pro, a minimalist portfolio WordPress theme for showcase your creative work effectively.

wordpress portfolio theme

Put your work, your photos, your words in the spotlight of the visitor. Imagery Pro is a portfolio WordPress theme that puts your picture and a word front and center.

It’s the easy-to-use portfolio website template to showcase & discover creative work. You can create an online portfolio of your work and display it efficiently.

Imagery Pro is perfect for anyone who wants to share their creativity and get more orders.

Theme Features Overview

Front Page

The page you assigned as your Static Front Page may contain several sections: featured content, page content, latest posts section, portfolio section. Sorting and visibility of these sections you may choose with Customizer.

sections sorting wordpress customizer

For the content of the page that you assigned as your Static Front Page there are different layouts that you can choose in Customizer.

frontpage layout

On the front-page, you can show the post to which the tag you have selected.

Blog Posts

Imagery Pro features a masonry style layout that can be configured into three or two columns to match your style. It also supports Infinite Scroll, which lets your visitors load more of your content is still on the one page.

single post

The minimal design and elegant layout of this Theme put the focus on your content. The elegant post grid in Imagery Pro has allows you to showcase your creative work or just blog with a lot of images in posts.

post grid

Imagery Pro offers a simple, centered (no sidebar) layout with the Featured image or Gallery slideshow at the top. Imagery Pro comes additional options for a post, such as choose style and location of the displaying Featured image.

gallery slideshow

When displaying a single post, you can disable the display of author, date, and other meta information. There are display options for a grid of the posts preview. You can choose 2 or 3 columns for a posts grid. You can hide or always show the title of a post in the posts grid.

Image Format

Imagery Pro comes with post format support for image. The image post format may display a gallery slideshow of images at the top of your post.

For image format posts, there are additional options (when post editing), such as gallery slideshows. Image format post has Image Rollovers effect for a post preview.

image format post

Imagery Pro also already took care of the Attachment page. If the attachment page contains a photo, meta info about the photo will be displayed, if any, also automatically will display a link to download the full size.

photo attachment page

Attachment page can display a PDF file, video, audio.


You can create a portfolio using the free WordPress portfolio plugin which called Portfolio Post type. Imagery Pro offers options for displaying the portfolio layout: 2 or 3 grid columns. The entries title at the item of the grid may hide or always show. For entries of this type, there are additional options (when editing), such as gallery slideshow.

portfolio layout

Customization options

Imagery Pro comes with several customization options to allow you stylized your site to your need. You can add your own logo, customize colors, site background, and more.

customizer options

Preview changes instantly and without writing any code.

You can choose the background color of the site and any element of the site. Moreover, Imagery Pro offers Dark Mode that by a click in the WordPress customizer, will change your site from dark text on a white background to white text on a dark.

font customization

This theme also offers a wide selection of site font settings. You can choose a typeface and assign different font sizes to anyone elements.

customization widget area

You can customize your site even more with using a widget area that is available at the bottom of pages.


Imagery Pro has even more to offer, but you’re expressly tired of reading about it. So I suggest you take a look at the Imagery Pro demo and visit the theme’s page to grab your copy.