I made a few improvements DinevThemes. By the way, the website DinevThemes uses the theme Planum Premium.

The changes of customer account. Now download an updating for a purchased theme at the link purchase details. Notification released updates are visible there. Added notifications of special offers and discounts to the customers.

An important update is the inclusion of ticket system support on this site. Now for customer support available via email and by creating a ticket on this website (you must login). I will take time for the system to work and for those who have purchased my themes before. For new customers the system works now.

Ticket support works and for users free themes. If you find an error or bug, report it please.

Soon I want to improve documentation section on this site and to add tutorials of use of themes.

If you have questions or offers of improvement of DinevThemes that don’t hesitate and write in comments here. And I have a question to the users of my free themes and the customers: whether the forum of support and community of users of DinevThemes is necessary to you?

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The ticket support is not available now. Soon to be to work Community Support Forum.