Are you planning to create a WordPress theme for own needs or at the request of the client? Of course, you can create a theme from scratch. The other way saves hundreds of hours using a WordPress starter theme.

What is a WordPress starter theme?

It is a lean theme with minimal design, clean templates and which come with a basic layout or with no layout. There you will find the required template files and the minimal CSS styles that are required to create a complete WordPress theme.

These themes save you from the effort of creating everything from scratch and you can start adding their own styles to create a new custom theme.

When talking about starter themes, their main purpose is through giving you a skeleton upon which can be built your own personalized project, whether it’s a finished website or a custom theme for websites.

Underscores WordPress Starter Theme

Underscores is one of the most complete and popular starter themes. Hundreds of developers have contributed their own features to this starter theme. Thousands of WordPress enthusiasts have used Underscores to build free and premium themes.

What is a Bootstrap?

Bootstrap is a free and open-source front-end framework used HTML, CSS, JS for building a user-defined interface for websites and web applications. It is the most popular frontend development framework on the web.

What does Bootstrap include?

  • Grid system
  • Styling for most HTML elements (typography, forms, buttons etc.)
  • An extensive list of utilities and components
  • Bundled Javascript plugins
  • Examples, Ready Themes, And Documentation

Bootstrap is based on mobile-first design principles. This means that it is primarily designed for mobile devices and scales up from there to being designed for desktop.

Pre-made Components
Bootstrap includes components such as buttons, navbars, dropdown menus, modal, alert boxes, list groups and more. And you can make use of a component by using the defined class name.

In 2018 Bootstrap is been released under version 4 infused with modern web design principles. Bootstrap 4 has big changes to the way it functions and has been a lot of changes to most components when compared to Bootstrap version 3.

WordPress Bootstrap starter theme

What is a WordPress Bootstrap starter theme?

So, you briefly learned about bootstrap and what the starter theme is. From this should be more/less clear that the WordPress Bootstrap Starter theme is a combination of the minimal set of functions and main templates of WordPress and pre-made styles, HTML elements and set of JS scripts from Bootstrap.

Thus it saves you from the effort of creating everything from scratch and you can immediately start to add your custom styles and awesome functions to build a new beautiful website.

Top-7 WordPress Bootstrap 4.x Starter Themes

This theme has been released in August 2019. Underboot is a combination of Underscores starter theme and Bootstrap framework as a starting point for your next WordPress theme or website. WooCommerce Compatible. Block Editor support.

My initial idea was to create a starter theme, but the review team doesn’t allow such themes in the WordPress theme directory anymore, so I had to polish design and layout. However, my theme is still lean and clean (12Kb of the theme styles). So, this theme is still the best suit for creating your own complete theme instead of becoming a parent theme.

Underboot Pro

Here are some features that highlighting this theme: several layouts for displaying of posts, the ability to switch the main menu modes WordPress/Bootstrap, use hooks to apply the Bootstrap styles to the WordPress standards, and a few Underboot hooks for deep customization.

This theme based on _S, Bootstrap and Font Awesome. This theme offers Page templates like this: Right-sidebar (default page template), Left-Sidebar, Full-Width, Blank with the container, Blank without container Page. Other features: switch color schemes, widgets area in the footer, WooCommerce ready, Contact Form 7 support, Compatible with major Page Builder plugins.

The next theme is called UnderStrap. It’s a project by Holger Koenemann which too combines Underscores and Bootstrap 4. This theme differs by the presence integration of Font Awesome which adds hundreds of font icons and additionally, this theme is compatible with Jetpack, WooCommerce, and Contact Form 7.

Utilizes the SASS sources from all assets as well as own SASS files. Comes with npm support to manage all the dependencies. Comes with Gulp as task runner and one pre-made gulpfile.js with some default tasks.

As stated by the developers of this theme, it is fast and light-weight with around 20 kb style.css and is search engine friendly. It has a built-in slider for featured posts on the blog page. Supports all major & popular WordPress plugins like Jetpack, Contact Form 7, Elementor, Beaver.

A lightweight Bootstrap starter theme with 3-columns layout. Theme features Font Awesome preloaded, full-width page options, footer widgets, SEO optimized, fast loading, minimal styling, easy to customize.

The theme description is too brief, so I only found these features: Grid masonry layout of posts. Block Editor compatible. Uses a minified CSS.

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