The most important toolkit for any writers now that digitalized media has taken dominant has become blogs.

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If you want as an author, more audience now that the biggest audience is now on the Internet, then your standalone blog is the preferred choice. But don’t forget that your visitors will not spend precious time reading unless your site looks trustworthy and visually appealing, and words are unreadable.

At this time, the competition in blogging is high it takes lots of work to stand out as a writer. But your online marketing with a strong website can able to change the situation in your favor.

If you want to publish a written work, WordPress is the best possible tool. I’ve prepared for you my collection of WordPress writer themes and hope it helps you tell your stories or to post your new novel. These are themes that look nice and keeping the focus on the content.

Best free WordPress themes for writers

All free themes are available from theme repository.

Writings WordPress theme is a Gutenberg-ready theme for writers and bloggers. Writings will be suitable for any kind of blog. This theme supports Gutenberg is new WordPress blocks editor. Writings come with theme options to customize your font style, colors, enable mode of prepared dark style, and more.

The Founder theme has a single-column design that will put your visitor’s attention on your content. Having a sidebar can be nice, but as a writer, the most important aspect of any page is your writing. And that’s why you want people to visit your website in the first place, right?

Founder’s minimalist style is perfect for showcasing your writing without any other distractions. Using the menu and widget area above the post content, you can easily include other links and content on your site. The Founder theme also adapts seamlessly to mobile devices, so your readers can start an article on their laptop and then pick it up later on their phone.

The Founder theme includes a variety of simple customization options as well. You can create custom post excerpts for the homepage, add social profile links in the header, and it integrates well with any plugins and widgets you want to add.

CoBlocks is a single-column Gutenberg WordPress theme for writers, publishers and content marketers.

Editor has legible typography and large featured images. Using Featured Posts, you can display your editorials in the sidebar.

Hoffman is a minimalist theme for personal blogging. The theme has single-column layout and large featured images.

Atomic Blocks is a minimalist single-column WordPress theme that integrates with the new Gutenberg editor. Atomic Blocks comes with theme options to customize your font style, body and title font sizes, content width and more.

Elegant Writing is a responsive WordPress theme for writers and bloggers, it is fully compatible with mobile phones, desktop computers and tablets.

Tribes has a one-column design with a modular look. It’s a very clean style that will help hold your visitors’ attention on your content.

Thanks to the simple design of this theme, it looks virtually identical on mobile devices. The main difference is the modern popup menu which visitors can open with a single tap. This interface gives your visitors a fullscreen view of your menu, but without it taking up space when they’re busy reading your posts.

The Tribes theme is also compatible with Elementor if you want to add custom templates to your site. Furthermore, it’s fully compatible with the WooCommerce plugin as well, so you can add a complete eCommerce store to your site whenever you want.

Premium WordPress themes for writers

Writings Pro is a Gutenberg WordPress theme built for writers and content marketers. Writings is a single-column WordPress theme works smoothly with the Gutenberg editor, the incoming content editor in WordPress, that uses blocks to create all types of content.

This theme has elegant styles for the main of the default editor blocks such as photos, galleries, columns, and more, and supports the new editor’s wide alignment styles for content.

Among the important features of the theme is the ability to customize the width of the content and size of Featured Image. As a bonus, the theme offers several page templates, such as a Resume and a Half.

Author Pro Theme Genesis Framework to build an online library of books by published authors.

The Thinker – Simple Blogging WordPress Theme – is a simple blogging theme with beautiful typography and a clean layout that keeps readers focused on the content.

Literatum – Just Write – is a theme WordPress for writers that are looking to display their articles in a modern way, with an easy navigation and focusing on the content. A configuration options use native WordPress functions for ease the managing, that makes Literatum a best theme for advanced and beginners WordPress users.

The Novelist is a WordPress theme for writers who want to reproduce their works as a real book.

Preface WordPress theme is built for authors, and supports WooCommerce, if you want selling books and other merchandise.

Writing is a clean and minimal WordPress theme for writers who want to create a personal site with simple features.

Typology is a WordPress theme created for bloggers has a beautiful typography which will make your blog look good without images.

WordPress Formatting Shortcuts

The feature is available a since WordPress 4.3 and can be quite handy for writers. Formatting shortcuts help you automatically add formatting for:

  • Lists
  • Headings
  • Blockquotes
  • Horizontal lines

To work shortcuts you must be using the Visual tab when editing, and you need to hit Space or sometimes Enter after typing any of the shortcuts to apply:

* – starts an unordered list
1. – starts an ordered list
## – applies H2 formatting
### – applies H3 formatting
> – creates a blockquote
– creates a horizontal line

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