Post excerpt is a part of the post, which appears above/under the post title on the posts page blog and/or single post. This is an optional brief statement or description of the entry, in a word, its announcement.

WordPress by default generates a excerpt from the first 55 words. This is a short excerpt that you can use to attract attention to the content of the full post. You can write an custom excerpt.

How to create Post Excerpt?

create post excerpt

Go menu Posts > All Posts. Select the post to edit to create a excerpt of the post. You will find yourself on the edit screen of the post. Below the main edit field of the text you will find the Excerpt field.

editing post

If you don’t find Excerpt box, click the Screen Options tab at the top screen the admin panel. Check the Excerpt checkbox.

screen options in wordpress

In Excerpt field, type the text that will custom excerpt of the post and press Update/Save.

When you add text in the Excerpt field you can use text formatting tags, for example: p, h1, br, etc.

text formatting

Some tricks create Excerpt

Some WordPress themes allow you to use a excerpt wider than the text excerpt. You can insert media files, images. For example, our theme Photoline in some cases allows you to do this as look perfect.


In conclusion, remember that there are other ways to create excerpt post. For example, the use of the more tag. Using more tag allows you to define the length of the announcement for each post and keep the formatting of the text is the same as the text formatting from the full post, as does our theme Photoline.

more tag wordpress