What is Hero’s image?

The hero image is the acent image on the home page or a series of related images through most pages of the site. Such images can be:


On your website can be a hero:

  • The image that earns the trust;
  • Photo or video solution, that showing the relevance;
  • The context containing the emotion support and beliefs of the client.

The hero is an image solutions, brings clarity and emotional context for visitors, this photo expresses a certain marketing objective.

samsung hero image

Why use the image of a hero?

Users love sites that are easy:

  • To read;
  • To perceive;
  • To use.

The formation of the first impression happens in less than a second, and so the image is the fastest way to help the visitor to perceive messages.

This is supported by research Google

How to choose your hero?

It is possible to allocate seven demands to the image of the hero:

The image is associated with keywords of the content.

The clarity of purpose. The image helps to understand the purpose of your website?

The image corresponds to the design of the site. Is there a harmony between the character image and the overall design of the web-site? The Hero prompts the visitor’s attention to the block Call-to-Action?

Authenticity. Selected image causes trust?

Maximization of significance. Hero’s Image emphasizes the value of the product? Reinforces the need? Shows the benefits?

Necessary emotion. Hero’s image evokes the needed emotion to motivate visitors to take action?

Client be Star. The selected image shows customer as the hero, if the client will commit the target action?


You can stay on four guidelines:

  • Compliance;
  • Clarity;
  • The value (to the client);
  • Attention.

Hero Image Types.

The hero image can be:

  • Product images;
  • The image corresponding to the context.
  • Portraits of famous creators;
  • Beyond context.

Which images you can use:

  • Show how look the related materials that go with main product: manuals, brochures, gifts.
  • Show how your product is made.
  • Show off your staff.
  • Show how your product works.
  • Product photos from different angles and conditions.

Properly selected visual hero adds context and value to your offer, thereby increasing conversion.