Many front-end developers prefer Foundation over Twitter Bootstrap, its more well-known counterpart, and already released a lot of WordPress themes based on Bootstrap css framework. However Zurb’s Foundation is rapidly becoming more popular.

Foundation 6

In 2017 the first new theme that I released it is WordPress theme based on Foundation 6 and called Zurbox. There are only a handful of WordPress themes based on Zurb’s Foundation css framework. Most of them are starter themes for developers. I decided to release a theme that would be more than the starter theme but still largely intended for developers who create sites for their clients.

foundation wordpress theme

At the time of publishing this post, I created two demo website of this theme that demonstrate the use of various theme options. One is the demo site for the fictitious consulting firm with the masonry boxes layout of the blog posts. The other demo site for the fictitious pizza with the classic blog layout. The demo site for the fictitious pizza is notable for the fact that he has the splash screen on the Home page.

splash image wordpress theme

Some theme features

Fully customizable Foundation WordPress theme

customize options

You can customize theme using WordPress Customizer. The theme customizer has many options so you can change the appearance of your site according to your requirements. You can change the color of each item, and you can also change the background of the website. There is a setting of the fonts so you can choose from hundreds of Google fonts any. There are options to display the elements of the blog post and display options single post so that you can hide/show post date, post author, and more.

multi-layouts blog

You can choose the layout for posts on the blog page and a different layout for posts on the archive page of posts: one column with big featured image, boxes with three columns in wide, boxes in masonry wide grid.

masonry blog

Posts and pages have additional display options. You can choose the style of the show featured image: full image above the content or overlay the title on a featured image that background in the header. There is an option for each post to hide featured image when displaying a single post.

post metabox

For each page there is an option to hide the page title and display grid of the child pages below main page content.


You can set the display of the sidebar on the right or left, and there is a sticky sidebar.

child page grid

The theme Customizer has an option to mobile menu: the mobile menu can be vertical drop-down or off-canvas.

mobile menu

WooCommerce Ready Foundation WordPress theme

Zurbox is a Foundation 6 WordPress theme which is suitable for business sites and you can also use it with the free WooCommerce plugin to create your own eCommerce shop.

ecommerce ready

Theme comes with the basic support of WooCommerce Plugin that is enough to create a page of your shop ecommerce.

Drag and Drop Front Page Sections

The front page has several sections that you can set via Customizer. Among these sections there are sections of the areas of widgets with different layouts: wide, container (wide but indented to the right and to the left of the screen), in 2-3-4 column. Theme comes with frontpage elements that as several custom widgets.

drag&drop front page sections

To change the positioning of the front page sections, simply drag and drop the sections in the order you want them displayed.

Custom Widgets

widgets area

The theme has several widget areas. The front page has three sections widgets: container, full width, columns. There is a section of the widgets in the footer. Also you can put widgets in the hide/show toggled section under the main menu bar (automatically appears the More button).

cta widget

The theme comes with 7+ custom widgets: recent posts of the selected category, featured page, text and icon, callout block, image and text, and more. Among custom widgets the theme has a widget CTA with the option of showing a modal window when the button is pressed.

Developer-Friendly Foundation WordPress theme

The theme has lots of hooks so that for developer will be easy to change many things using a few lines of code in the functions file.

theme hooks

Most elements in theme templates are divided into template-parts so you can replace it in the child theme by simply replacing on the file with your code.


Zurbox is a modern responsive WordPress theme based on Zurb’s Foundation css framework which is perfect for any business website and in addition you can also open your online store.

You can purchase this theme right now or view a demo site.