What do I need to use a theme from DinevThemes?

You will need a domain and hosting running the latest version of self-hosted WordPress. You can download the free WordPress version for self-hosted websites at WordPress.org

Can I use a theme from DinevThemes on WordPress.com?

No. Our themes are NOT available for use on hosted WordPress.COM accounts. They can only be installed on self-hosted WordPress websites.

WordPress.com and self-hosted WordPress (WordPress.org) are different things. WordPress.com only allows installing themes that are being listed on WordPress.COM.

What’s the scope of theme support?

Theme support answers the queries regarding the installation of the theme, trouble using theme features and bug fixes. In addition, we are ready to provide for absolutely free installation of the theme that you bought from us to make your site look like a demo site.

Theme customization or another action that requires changing the theme template code (other than bug fixes), and 3rd party plugin integrations are out of the scope for theme support.

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