Create a new by going to Pages > Add New. Give your page a name (Title field). Select the Front Page template (1) in the Page Attributes box.


If you do not see the Page Attributes box, please click on the tab Screen Options (on the top admin bar) and check Page Attributes.


In the same way create a blank page for the Blog Page. The template for this page, leave the Default.

Publish your pages. (Press Publish / Save)

Now you can to set a created static page (1) as the front page (2) of the website. First, you need to create an empty page which will be Posts Page (call it a Blog, for example) (3).


Sections Settings

Once you have created a static front page and assigned the Front Page template for this page, you can manage the Front Page Sections. To manage sections of the Front Page in the Customizer (Admin Menu: Appearance > Customize) there are two sections: Front Page Sections and Front Page Order.


Settings each section is carried out in Front Page Sections. The visibility and order of sections you can customize in the Front Page Order section.

Remember to click Save&Publish after you have made changes.

This article was last updated on February 6, 2018