First read Front Page Setup.

Create a new, empty page (e.g. with the title of Home or Front Page) and choose the Template under Page Attributes in your page editor. Now you can go to Appearance > Customize > Static Front Page and choose your new created Page as your Front Page.

Homepage Templates

Mosaic/Square Tiles from recent Posts on the Home.

attributes-photolineFirst you need to create at least 6 posts Image Post Format (read here). Then select the Homepage template in the page attributes box. It can be a Home Mosaic Tiles or Home Square Tiles.

Give the name of the page. A few words to fill in the Excerpt. Upload image in Featured Image box.

In the main text box you can enter a short introductory text.

Press Publish.

In the main text box you can enter a short introductory text. The introductory text can be wrapped, for example:

<h1 class="intro-txt">Hi, my name is Sarah and I'm photoblogger.</h1>

A business-oriented page template for Homepage

Create/Edit page. Select the Home One template in the page attributes box.


  1. Home Tagline Customizer Section
  2. Home One pre Before widgets area
  3. Home One Before widgets area
  4. Main content page
  5. Home One pre After widgets area

Go to Customize > Widgets or Appearance > Widgets. Select the widgets to the widget areas on the Home. Use built-in widgets of the theme (their names contain Photoline).

Here are some of the elements that you can edit:


edit it:


When you’re done, Save & Publish your changes.

This article was last updated on June 5, 2016