Everyone’s got a list which gives you info about which plugin to use which to not, which one’s popular and which one’s best. But no one tells you to check the plugins which are new and has potential to grow up as one the best among the other WordPress plugins. Allow me to introduce an exclusive list of those plugins that are new and gaining popularity/downloads.

1. Page Builder

Page Builder plugin

Created by author Pluginops, Page Builder is quoted by WordPress.org as “Fast as a bullet and smooth as Butter”. Page Builder enables one to create standalone pages through which a user will be able to design his pages on WordPress website. As it removes the bulky design of the current theme, it makes it lightning fast.

It has a free content type as well as premium one which includes everything from button generators to sliders which makes page creation in WordPress very smooth and easy. It supports the shortcodes which make it compatible with all your existing plugins.

Drag and Drop feature makes Page Builder plugin a perfect layout builder and with this feature, you can easily add content to your WordPress website.

Visual Page Editor, Pre-Designed Templates and extendable with paid add-ons make Page Builder incredibly user-friendly for page build up. Hence, it started gaining more and more downloads.
It was created on 08/12/2016 and till now it has almost 13 k of downloads with an average quality rating of 93.04%. Try Page Builder Plugin and start designing your web page.

2. Hide My WordPress

Hide WordPress plugin

Hide My WordPress Plugin is created by John Darrel on 01/07/2016. And with over 38k downloads this is one of the most exclusive plugins available on the internet. It is just like a rising star of new plugins. It is a security plugin which enables you to hide and change your WordPress Login and Admin URLs.

Although it’s free version is not compatible with multisite Nginx and IIS. For that, you might want to switch to its Premium version. What it does is simply hide your login and Admin URLs and redirect it to 404 page.

Its Premium version includes Hiding WordPress admin and Login URLs; Custom admin and login URL; custom wp-includes & wp-content path; Random plugins & themes name; Support for WordPress Multisite, Nginx, IIS, LiteSpeed, and Apache.

With a Quality rating of 88.40%, this plugin is a “Rising Superstar”, one you don’t want to miss.

3. Alexa Traffic Rank Widget

Created by Webshouters, this WordPress plugin got 6k+ downloads till now. If you want to measure or increase your website traffic Alexa Traffic Rank Widget is the perfect plugin for that. It is simple to use, Easy to install and enable you to change the layout. To boost the traffic of your website Alexa gives you accurate rank to analyze your website traffic. And you don’t even have to share your login credentials; it works only by site URL.

With 85.94% of Quality rating, it has potential to be one of the top plugins for WordPress.

4. Website Tools by AddThis

AddThis WordPress plugin

Website Tools by AddThis has been rated 96.05%. Why? Because it enables you to control your AddThis Tools. All you have to do is simply install this tool and you are all set. You can edit and customize your share and follow buttons with one AddThis dashboard.

With this WordPress plugin, you can increase your subscriptions, sales, and sign ups. This plugin is incredibly helpful in getting more social media shares, likes, and followers. You can customize your tools to match with your website’s visuals. It also provides analytics to give more detail enhanced reports which could help you make well-informed decisions.

5. WP Accessibility Helper (WAH)

WP Accessibility Helper

WAH sidebar enables you to access the basic WordPress accessibility tools such as font resize, contrast, image alt control and etc. This plugin makes your website better in terms of accessibility. With quality rating of 92.17%, WP Accessibility Helper sidebar allows you to control accessibility options such as skipping links menu, reset font size button, skipping link inside accessibility sidebar, font resize, check pages and post for errors such as alt image, link role, etc., custom colors for contrast mode, lights off mode, Unloading all CSS files and much more.

This WordPress plugin was created by Alex Volkov. And it is an ideal tool for those who wants their site to be accessed by people with certain disabilities. So, it’s like a must have plugin. Try it now.

6. AdSense Booster & Manager

AdSense Booster plugin

AdSense Booster & Manager is created by plingoo. With over 7k+ downloads this WordPress plugin is gaining popularity. As by name, it is an Ad Management plugin, which enables you to add ads to the post. It not only enables you to add certain ads but also lets you remove it and block the ad from specific pages and posts. This feature can significantly increase your website traffic. It gives you control to add and remove ads in three text areas.

Ads are the important source when it comes to money, however, sometimes it may have an adverse effect on your post or blog. So, this WordPress plugin resolves the problem in either case. Give it try and see it yourself.

For now, this is my list WordPress Plugins New for 2017 which are Gaining Popularity. Stay connected and subscribe to get more interesting lists. Spread the word and share it on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. If you got a list of your own, mention it through comments.

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