Hello, I’m Dmitry Dinev

I’m a web designer, theme developer and founder of DinevThemes.

Over ten years I had been working as a freelancer, then as a headmaster of my own web-studio helping entrepreneurs and small business owners to built visual communication and online-presence of their businesses.

During this long time, I’ve gained considerable experience of developing conversion focused custom WordPress themes. In addition to that, I got the experience, that was for the most part hard and bitter, of customization of paid multi-purpose themes purchased by customers from ThemeForest and Template Monster.

By 2014, I stopped the business of my design-studio and founded DinevThemes starting the selling of my first commercial theme which called Planum (in 2018 it’s retired).

At the moment I work at home or at any other place while I’m traveling. I adore traveling… and if you like it too I will be very glad to meet you, shake your hand, hug you, drink a pint of beer or a cup of chamomile tea with you.

In between work breaks my cat of breed a Kurilian Bobtail named Spark helps me to distract myself and relax…. He’s red and fussy, so I gave him that nickname. Also between work, I’m fond of spiritual practices, physical exercises, photography, tarot reading, and sometimes sinning watching TV shows (“The Walking Dead” to be continued, And “Breaking Bad” aha-ha-ha, finished).

What I do

There are hundreds of themes that are called multi-purpose and promise to cover all the needs of any site that you have conceived for yourself. It’s cool, but I think specialization and minimalism is a better approach.

A specialized theme is oriented to the design and functions of a particular niche. This means more accurate design focus, less code (and fewer errors!), simplified settings and more of your time for really important – creating content and reaching the target audience.

The basis of the WordPress philosophy is freedom of creativity, freedom of publication. And so important, in my opinion, is that the theme leaves space for the creativity of the user, and perhaps, provokes the user even to such creativity. This is freedom! And this is our co-creation with you.

Those are the kind of themes I’m building at DinevThemes.

Philosophy of DinevThemes

So here is what to expect from DinevThemes:

  • 100% GPL-compatible of all products
  • Really fast and friendly support
  • Content-focused and Functional Design
  • Strict adherence to WordPress standards
  • Clean and secure code

And here’s what DinevThemes avoids:

  • Bloating functions and settings
  • Aimless animation
  • Unnecessary decoration
  • All-in-one kinds of things

If you have a cooperation offer or any questions, send to post@dinevthemes.com or use the contact form.

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